Tuesday, April 1, 2008

good things

last week was a good one... we found a great apartment, made an offer and got it!!! we are just going through some paper work and hope to be moving in sometime between this and next week!

been doing some nice cooking


a very nice salad: plum tomatoes+avocado+basil leaves+sesame seed. we added some cous cous and tuna, olive oil and aceto it was so freh and delicious... i just love the combination of tomatoes and basil leaves and olive oil in any form, any time, anywhere

and baking

me baking

plum cake

not a very good picture... and also, it was a little burnt on the outside!!!! fisrt time using this oven. i got the recipe from mav and replaced the bananas for plums and the maple syrup for 1/2 cup of honey... and some extra oven time!!!! :(

been enjoying coffee and mediaslunas.... they are soooooo good around here!


and finally... today i found this beauties just outside my front door!!!

natural color

they made me feel as if spring wanted to come back even when autumn has started showing it's golden face in the last few days.

have a nice week!

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