Monday, April 7, 2008

moving, moving, moving!

we had a really nice weekend.
the highlight...

our picnic in the park! it was such a lovely day. just wanting to enjoy as much of the sun as possible before it's gone for the winter.

and also a delicious avocado pesto linguine... sooooo delicious!

avocado pesto linguine

... and now back to reallity. we've got everything back on boxes again as we need to move to a new apartment, but everything has been sooooooo difficult and it has taken longer than we expected!

moving, moving, moving
anyway... we are finally moving tomorrow -fingers crossed-. our place is now just a collection of boxes, backpacks, suitcases and more. i feel i'm becoming a sort of expert in "moving".

just wishing for a place where i can settle!!!!!!!!!!

will post pictures of our new home as soon as we get there -and have our internet connection up and running-.

see ya!

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