Sunday, April 12, 2009

and we're back!


i know, i know
i've been away for quite a while
the first couple of months of pregnancy
where a bit difficult
i didnt feel liek doing anything really
soooo tired, and feeeling soooo bad

now we've come to the second trimester
and i feel alive again
strong, full of energy, of ideas
it's me again

my belly is growing
it is really mazing how it grows everyday
i cannot feel the baby kicking yet
and we are so anxious about finding out
if it is a boy or a girl
... still some weeks to go...

we also found out that
we have to go back to london
by the end of this year
which is pretty exciting... and scary!

so... i'm back
and will be posting again soon

thanks for stoping by
and ... happy easter!