Tuesday, February 10, 2009

good news

good news

oh my god!! yes, yes, yes...
i'm pregnant and i can't believe it
we are just so happy
and excited about it
also quite scared
as we didn't have a good experience
last year...
but, i'm pregnant!!!

yesterday we had our first sonogram
and we could see it
it's like a small bean-like baby
measuring 9mm
and with a heart that runs like mad horses
it was just so moving, exciting, touching,
there's really no worlds for it

so, i'm gonna be a mommy
in september
already started knitting
like crazy!

it's a new begining
it's gonna change our lives
it's so frightening
and wonderful all at the same time

what else can i say
i'm extatic

advice anyone?
knitting patterns to share?
clothes patterns?
ideas? anything?
i feel like i want to do so many things...