Sunday, March 23, 2008

scared of the wolf

a new corner
it's been quite a while... i have been meaning to write about all the things that have happened, things i've been thinking, reading, looking for, about my knitting... but i always end up doing something else.

i think i'm somehow scared of doing this, i'm afraid i wont have anything to say, or that my life is not interesting enough for anyone to read about. sometimes i feel like i'm an empty vessel flowing over the waters of time... time goes by and i don't really do anything important, and i'm scared of letting it go by, letting my life slip away from me.

and what i've noticed lately is i usually avoid those situations that scare me, situations where i feel i'm not really able to cope -my ability to cope entirely influenced by my negative beliefs about myself- or where i have no choice but to, at some point, expose my weaknesses. and avoiding not only doesn't help, but makes my fears grow stronger by confirming the fact that i cannot do it.

so maybe this is exactly what i need to do. hope i can keep it up this time

happy easter

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Pina said...

Welcome to the blogland! I had the same doubts at the beginning but you know, I kept writing about the things I like and I think that those people who really like my blog come and read it almost every day.

If you really think that you need lots of readers of your blog then you will probably have to write lots of comments to other people's blogs. Just don't give up. There might be many lurkers who enjoy your blog but never leave a comment. Wish you luck! Happy blogging!