Sunday, March 23, 2008

scared of the wolf

a new corner
it's been quite a while... i have been meaning to write about all the things that have happened, things i've been thinking, reading, looking for, about my knitting... but i always end up doing something else.

i think i'm somehow scared of doing this, i'm afraid i wont have anything to say, or that my life is not interesting enough for anyone to read about. sometimes i feel like i'm an empty vessel flowing over the waters of time... time goes by and i don't really do anything important, and i'm scared of letting it go by, letting my life slip away from me.

and what i've noticed lately is i usually avoid those situations that scare me, situations where i feel i'm not really able to cope -my ability to cope entirely influenced by my negative beliefs about myself- or where i have no choice but to, at some point, expose my weaknesses. and avoiding not only doesn't help, but makes my fears grow stronger by confirming the fact that i cannot do it.

so maybe this is exactly what i need to do. hope i can keep it up this time

happy easter

Friday, March 7, 2008

quick eats

one of the most typical "quick" dishes in argentina are empanadas.

there are all sorts of fillings some more traditional and some more creative. one of the most traditional and also mone of my favorites is cheese and onion... yummy! and you can find them in every corner.

today for lunch we empanadas from the "pasteria" on the corner of our house. we had chicken, cheese + onion, ham + cheese, roquefort... they were amazing!

and now i'm off to "once" a barrio where i hope to find wool and fabric to start knitting a beautifull wrap cardigan for my brother's first child!!! i'm so excited about it. i'll tell about the progress soon.

have a nice weekend! xoxo

Monday, March 3, 2008

wellcome... to you, or me? who cares... just wellcome

this is my first posting... and i'm feeling a bit shy about it!

i have been thinking of doing this for a while now, but didn't really know what to write about.

a new idea came to my mind last night(while having a delicious dinner)... telling you about the nice meals r and me cook everyday! We have so much fun, and enjoy it so much that i guess it is worth sahring!

ok, so... we just moved to buenos aires, argentina after living in london for a year, and are just settling in: found a flat, found a job, and we are trying to get used to this new city and it's great food and ambience, do you want to join us?

let's get started... wellcome!