Wednesday, July 15, 2009

sopaipilla' pasá'

sopaipillas y pebre

it's been cold lately
and being at home most of the time
i had a craving for sopaipillas

so my sister came
and we cooked
sopaipillas con pebre
and sopaipillas pasadas

a punto de ser sopaipillas

they were just amazing
and gave me the sense of comfort i needed
they reminded me of those cold rainy days
of my childhood
when i would come back from school
and there would be sopaipillas
it made me so happy!

sopaipilla' pasá' y con pebre

viva chile
viva la lluvia
y vivan las sopaipillas!

1 comment:

Lorena said...

It is so good to remind childhood through flavors, and smells... your memories must have taste great!