Friday, December 5, 2008

3 years!

last wednesday was our 3rd wedding anniversary
and it feels like such a small number for so much that has happened in this 3 intense years

lots of movement
lots of change
lots of places
lots of people
lots of experiences
lots of trips
lots of sorrow
lots of joy
lots of anxiety
lots of relax
lots of nice food: old and new
lots of games
lots of friends: old and new
lots of projects
lots of doubts
lots of music and dance ;)
lots of talk

3 different countries in three anniversaries
2008-3rd-Buenos Aires-Argentina

I'm happy to keep building stories with you <3!



violraviol said...

muy lindo sentir
muy lindo encontrarse
muy lindo pasar la vida junto a alguien que uno elije todos los días

maria said...

si, creo que una de las partes mas lindas es elegirse a diario
... me encanta vivirlo y sentirlo asi!