Thursday, October 9, 2008



i don't know what is it with mornings and me...
it seems like we've always had a very intense relationship.

when i was younger i used to have difficult mornings, i was really moody, cranky... my friends wouldn't dare talk to me!

with time i've come to love the early time of day...

breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, the one i enjoy the most as i wake up really hungry and also is one of the only meals i usually have on my own... i love having a big cup of coffee and milk and some times cereals+yogurt+honey, or fruit, or toasts+butter. now that spring and summer are coming this way i'm hoping to have more strawberries and also avocado on toasts yummy!!! that's a very chilean thing and i just love it!

i love the nice tranquil feeling of waking up early, the silence, the chill, the idea of having the whole day ahead of me. i like to think of people rising to their own life, of the streets starting to be filled with people, of children waking up for school

i love to have time to enjoy mornings, to slowly begin to get in touch with reality. i try to give myself that time, but i go to bed soooo late!

but most and above all i love the morning light!
that crisp, bright and gentle light of a new day


violraviol said...

que lindo tu espacio MarĂ­a,
me gusto mucho conocerlo!

maria said...

mil gracias viol!